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Crawl Space Encapsulation and Crawl Space Insulation in Kannapolis, NC

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier System Installation

Poor crawl space ventilation compounds problems by creating a mix of warm and cool air causing surface condensation, further increasing the amount of crawl space moisture under the home. This repeated wetting of building materials day after day provides the perfect environment for mold growth, termites and structural damage under your home.

Crawl Space Insulation

Poor ventilation causes costly issues including those resulting from inefficiencies from your HVAC system having to work harder. Most Kannapolis homes with crawl spaces use this area to draw air for their HVAC systems. As hot air is trapped in the crawl space, your HVAC systems must work harder to cool the air in order to meet demand. The same happens in winter with cool air that needs to be heated.

The demand on your system will cost you money in multiple ways. First, your system will be working overtime.  All this work will put an enormous amount of stress on the motor, fan, belts and other parts. The maintenance and cleaning of your system will need to be done more often to avoid a complete breakdown. Also, your system will have to work continuously to both cool the hot air coming in and any cool air that leaks through the crawl space. Your energy bills will be significantly higher than if you had a crawl space encapsulation.

Your heating and cooling bills will immediately go down after the crawl space insulation has been installed, helping to offset the cost. Plus, your system will no longer be overworked prolonging its life. There are few investments that yield immediate monetary dividends, but this is definitely one of them.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Crawl Space Insulation

Most Kannapolis crawl spaces open to natural dirt floors. Without crawl space encapsulation, naturally occurring moisture can enter the sub-structure of your building.  Added with rainwater, improper grading or natural seepage, this moisture will eventually lead to interior and exterior issues such as rot, termites, mold growth or cupping.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Inspections

Mold remediation is a specialized skill requiring expert equipment and training. Quality Air Proses conducts all inspections for crawl space encapsulation using video inspection of the ventilation system with a cobraview infrared camera. Moisture readings are also done for a complete report on your crawl space’s current condition.

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You can rest assured that when you hire Quality Air Pros, the technicians are trained to adhere to NADCA standards. This ensures that every job is completed to strict specifications, using the best in the industrial equipment and techniques to ensure your family is breathing the best quality air possible.

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