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Our company, Quality Air Pros, is the leading provider of duct cleaning services in Charlotte, North Carolina. All of our team members are deeply committed to the well-being of our neighbors, and we go the extra mile to maintain a 100 percent client satisfaction rate.

We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau for air duct cleaning services, and we are top rated for elite service by HomeAdvisor. In addition to duct cleaning in Charlotte proper, we also offer air duct cleaning services in Albemarle, Ballantyne, Concord, Pineville, Matthews, Weddington and all surrounding areas.

Many people suffer from allergies, and asthma is not uncommon.

There are those that think you simply have to live with these conditions when symptoms strike. In fact, in many instances, the environment is at the core of the health problems.

Wherever there is moisture present, there can be mold, and there can be wet conditions within your air ducts. Mold reproduces through the reproduction of microscopic spores. Since the air that is circulating throughout your home passes through the ducts, it can be full of these particulates. The ingestion of mold spores can cause allergic reactions and asthmatic episodes.

Mold is not the only type of matter that can accumulate in your air ducts. There can be insect remains, vermin droppings, and other unsavory debris in the ducts. You and your family may be breathing these decomposed particles.

The owners of our company got into the AC duct cleaning business because they experienced the devastating effects of mold ingestion firsthand. Members of our founder’s family were experiencing respiratory problems, and they could not understand why. Eventually, after doing research, they realized that mold and debris in their ducts could be the root cause.

At that point, they called a company that offered air duct cleaning services, and they found a considerable amount of mold in the ducts. They cleaned it out, and the symptoms that they were experiencing vanished. This definitely got their attention, so they decided to offer AC duct cleaning services to assist others.

Our duct cleaning services are top-notch, and we have very efficient processes, so we can provide surprisingly affordable pricing. Whenever you need AC duct cleaning in Charlotte, Albemarle, Ballantyne, or any other nearby city, send us a message or give us a call at 704-773-1678 and we will take care of the rest.

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Quick Services, Quality Work

call us anytime 704-773-1678